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Jardin d'Agrumes Hand & Body Wash No 3 (Grapefruit)

Jardin d'Agrumes Hand & Body Wash No 3 (Grapefruit)

Les Choses Simples

Verð 3.600 kr 3.060 kr

This plant-based formula is made with coconut oil, and leaves your skin feeling clean, nourished and moisturized. It is also paraben-free, phthalate-free and artificial colorant-free. Made in Provence out of 97,5% natural ingredients, it is cooked in a cauldron according to the antique Marseille recipe. Delicately perfumed with the signature scent "Nr. 3 Jardin d'Agrumes", the scent of sweet grapefruit and lemon that may remind you of a stroll through a Mediterranean garden of citrus trees. It is uplifting and energizing.

  • 97,5% natural ingredients
  • No parabens, no silicons, no mineral oil, no artificial colouring, no sulphates (SLS), no phthalates
  • 500 ml plastic bottle